Maggie Flowers is an Interior Design Company which has been providing professional design services to the twin ports and surrounding areas for more than thirty years.


As a long established design firm, we bring you the most complete and comprehensive resources available.  We create an environment of opportunity for our clients to explore.  Serving the client is at the highest level and is our primary purpose.  Our showroom and resource library provides a comfortable and
informative setting which enhances the creative experience.  Exposure to new products and materials helps us discover perfect solutions to ordinary problems.


Integrated Design elements that have a relationship with the architecture, not merely superficial applications. Comfort and beauty should not be separate entities! It’s not just the elements or the products that we as a design firm sell, it’s the point of view of a holistic and comprehensive plan; it’s distinguishing between design and product, and we do both. Some do not want an entire space designed, they just want to find “a piece”.

Designer/Client Relationship

Our most essential relationship is with you, the client.  As designers we create spaces which enhance your quality of life and improve everyday functionality.
By listening to you, the client, and closely observing how your spaces are used allows us to be efficient designers as well as creative.  Every space tells a story which unfolds and reveals a homes character; which can be soulful, reflecting the ideals and personality of those who live there.  Spaces are inspired by life,
location, and architecture.  Using balanced classical forms as base elements juxtaposed with some cleaner lines and perhaps a whimsical piece brings a “less than expected” element to the space; a level of uniqueness sets every project apart from the ordinary, the cliché.  Still maintaining a unified concept throughout your home starting with the correct space plans and material specifications providing a roadmap for both client and designer.